21 Jun

Smuts Irene River AdventureRun Park Day, Sunday @ 07:00

What is an AdventureRun Park? And how will this work? You may be asking.... Well... An AdventureRun Park is a place where you can go and enjoy your run/walk, without being part of an organised sporting event or social gathering. 1. You will be able to enjoy your run / walk in nature, in a controlled and safe environment. 2. You will have to book your running / walking spot in advance as no one will be allowed to run / walk at the venue without having made a booking in advance for their specific running / walking time slot. 3. You will be able to book a spot at the specific venue on either a Saturday or Sunday (or on days indicated). 4. Running slots will be allocated every 5 minutes to either a single runner; a couple (i.e. two runners); or a family (2 adults with a maximum of 2 kids). 5. Dogs will be allowed for each time slot - no matter the number of people booked for the time slot. 6. Distances that will be available are 5km, 10km and 15km only. 7. After your run/walk you will receive an AdventureRun medal. 8. You will also be able to see what you time was against all the other runners/walkers at the venue for that day, as you will receive your time and placing results at the end of the day. 9. Strict rules and regulations has been put in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy their time in nature without putting themselves or others in danger. 10. It is important that these rules and regulations be adhered to when visiting an AdventureRun Park. People who do not adhere to these rules and regulations will forfeit their booking. 11. So go ahead and start booking your running / walking slot. Bookings can be made 10 days in advance.